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A practical guide to men`s wristwatches


How to choose the best watch that is most suitable for you.

For many people it is quite difficult to navigate a large number of brands. Therefore, we have prepared this article about men's watches so that you are ready for shopping and can choose exactly those watches that will become an integral part of your style and image.




1. Decide on the style.

Understand what you need a watch for - for walks, sports or formal events.
The sports watch with heart rate-related functions is used for running. Diving watches are used for swimming. Dress watch is bought for work and formal events. Casual watch is for everyday use.
The classic watch will complement your look at any event. Minimalist watches are also versatile and stylish.


2. Select the movement

There are three types of watches - mechanical, automatic and quartz.
Mechanical watches are manually wound and do not require a battery.
Mechanical watches have a flowing, non-stop second movement, and many people like it more than the sound of ticking of a quartz watch.
Unfortunately, mechanical watches are sensitive to moisture, magnets and will lose their accuracy over time. After a while you will have to go to the watchmaker to debug the mechanism.
Automatic watches don't need a battery either. Your wrist moves with the watch on it during the daytime and the watch is automatically wound by a special mechanism. Automatic watches are also sensitive to the environment.
The quartz watch is battery operated. The second hand does not move smoothly, but stops every second. The quartz watch is precise and durable. It is easy to maintain - you just need to change the battery periodically. It is also the cheapest mechanism.
There are watches with "Complications". These watches show the date, the phase of the moon. There is a watch that is equipped with a chronograph and an alarm.
You can choose watch with luminous hands and calibration and waterproof watch.



3. Right size matters

The main thing is that the watch does not look strange and funny on your wrist. A watch with a large dial is suitable for large men, and a watch with a small dial is better for thin guys.
It is better to choose a watch with a dial diameter from 34 to 50 mm. Ask friends to help you to choose a watch and see if it looks good on your wrist.



4. Start from your budget

Different brands offer different prices and products differ in quality. We can find budget and luxury watches with a very high price tag. But what watch will you choose does not depend on their high cost. You can find a stylish one, considering the budget. There are luxury brands that offer great, stylish watches at affordable prices. You should know that the high price is the result of good advertising and brand awareness. Of course, there are precious metal watches that are really expensive because of the cost of the material. These watches are jewelry items and they can cost thousands of dollars.
But for everyday use, you can choose a quality stylish watch that will delight you for a long time, at a quite budget price,
Now that you know how to choose a watch that will suit your needs, you can start shopping.
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